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Introduction in essay writing


The introduction should, as the conclusion to be carefully drafted ” to draft” once the detailed plan has been developed.

A good introduction should be neither too long nor skeletal. It occupies, as written, between half and three quarters of a page. It has three times, which are all clearly marked by a paragraph paragraphs:

• A presentation of the subject – definition

It includes, if necessary, a definition of the subject. Most importantly, it allows for a framing it: framing in time or in space, thematic or theoretical base lighting contribute to the problem that will follow.

It can be done from a fact, without falling into the anecdotal or an original idea ( really original!).

Be careful never to develop elements of the subject, we must reserve for the body of duty.

• A problem

This is the main idea of the essay and you can find the show throughout the development.

Avoid the proliferation of these interrogative sentences artificially maintain an ” unbearable suspense ” They generally annoy the correction – the laborious paraphrase the title in particular – where the awkwardness of style borders on naivety of the argument.

If you can not bring yourself to give up the interrogative form, try to ask a question ( preferably relevant, not forgetting that you will respond later) and have included the end of the paragraph. The presentation of the issue should take a few lines and achieve clarity over completeness.

Dissertation writing: Definition, Assumptions and Posture

Definition of terms

This topic is particularly important. Any scientific discipline produces its own vocabulary. Some words are specialized jargon invented for ( eg project planning among architects derived from the Italian to characterize the design activity or project ), others are the result of semantic shifts (” system architect” in IT ). Recall definitions of key terms, as they will be used in the memory allows the reader to have no ambiguity about what you are saying. This working definition may be increased by a lexicographical work on the origin of words that will be used, their evolution in time, the semantic fields they cover.

Ex: mythology, legend, fairy.


Assumptions are statements that we will focus on still subjects discussed. Sometimes it is important to advance the work to solidify land where researchers do not agree or simplify matters that refinement is not on the scale of your search. You just talk and justify the establishment of these assumptions. Eg it is not because we have found nothing, there is nothing.


One of the characteristics of research conducted by the architects is that they affect areas related to architecture, supplying architectural thinking, but not directly and explicitly focused on architecture. This is one of the central research questions in architecture, which, at present, poaching on land sociologists, engineers and historians. Here, the assertion of posture will place the author of the memoir in a field of expertise in which it is expressed. Same subject may be lighted very differently depending on whether it is supported by a historian, an architect or specialist structures.

The economy of the proofreading

In most publishing houses, regrets Abeline Majorel, markers were replaced by Pro- Lexis, software spellcheck, grammar and typographical uses massively editing. In some publishers, there are more human intervention. And even when there is still, it does not always eliminate all errors. Chapter 7 The Da Vinci Code, despite the countless reissues, it always leaves the Gare du Nord to fall on the Louvre. The latest novel by Eliette Abecassis him begins with this sentence: “My hair was a ponytail! ” Poor thing!

To post- publication proofreadings

Nicolas Francannet of Storylab explained the operation of the circuit for correcting a pure digital player. In Storylab, collections are very ” chartées ” 80-100 000 characters divided into episodes, or news 30-40 000 characters. When a manuscript is selected or an author has made a text requested, it is entrusted to the series editors who work in tandem with him on the structure, style, rhythm to suggest cuts or additions. Storylab not hesitate to select texts with potential, even if they require a lot of reworking. When this transition is complete, the script goes for proofreading in an outdoor corrective. More about it you can read on

Rather than working on paper, the team uses the revision mode Word to add comments in the text annotations… The team works on a file rather than tests or copy via the back office system of their publication. It is this Word file which remains the reference document and generates when proofreadings were incorporated, all file formats in which news is made ​​available for all platforms reading.

The advantage is that it is very flexible. If after publication of a reader brought up a fault, the team Storylab can be corrected immediately, and the file is immediately updated on the site, and very quickly on other platforms when updating files they are sent. The system generates on the fly PDF, applications, books in ePub format and update the website from the Word file reference.