Dissertation writing: Definition, Assumptions and Posture

Definition of terms

This topic is particularly important. Any scientific discipline produces its own vocabulary. Some words are specialized jargon invented for ( eg project planning among architects derived from the Italian to characterize the design activity or project ), others are the result of semantic shifts (” system architect” in IT ). Recall definitions of key terms, as they will be used in the memory allows the reader to have no ambiguity about what you are saying. This working definition may be increased by a lexicographical work on the origin of words that will be used, their evolution in time, the semantic fields they cover.

Ex: mythology, legend, fairy.


Assumptions are statements that we will focus on still subjects discussed. Sometimes it is important to advance the work to solidify land where researchers do not agree or simplify matters that refinement is not on the scale of your search. You just talk and justify the establishment of these assumptions. Eg it is not because we have found nothing, there is nothing.


One of the characteristics of research conducted by the architects is that they affect areas related to architecture, supplying architectural thinking, but not directly and explicitly focused on architecture. This is one of the central research questions in architecture, which, at present, poaching on land sociologists, engineers and historians. Here, the assertion of posture will place the author of the memoir in a field of expertise in which it is expressed. Same subject may be lighted very differently depending on whether it is supported by a historian, an architect or specialist structures.