Introduction in essay writing


The introduction should, as the conclusion to be carefully drafted ” to draft” once the detailed plan has been developed.

A good introduction should be neither too long nor skeletal. It occupies, as written, between half and three quarters of a page. It has three times, which are all clearly marked by a paragraph paragraphs:

• A presentation of the subject – definition

It includes, if necessary, a definition of the subject. Most importantly, it allows for a framing it: framing in time or in space, thematic or theoretical base lighting contribute to the problem that will follow.

It can be done from a fact, without falling into the anecdotal or an original idea ( really original!).

Be careful never to develop elements of the subject, we must reserve for the body of duty.

• A problem

This is the main idea of the essay and you can find the show throughout the development.

Avoid the proliferation of these interrogative sentences artificially maintain an ” unbearable suspense ” They generally annoy the correction – the laborious paraphrase the title in particular – where the awkwardness of style borders on naivety of the argument.

If you can not bring yourself to give up the interrogative form, try to ask a question ( preferably relevant, not forgetting that you will respond later) and have included the end of the paragraph. The presentation of the issue should take a few lines and achieve clarity over completeness.